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To edit a page, click the "edit source" link at the top right of the page. To create a page, type the desired name into the search bar (with proper capitalization, etc.) and click the red link. You can also click any red text on an existing page.

Editing rules

  • You are technically allowed to change any page, but please refrain from doing so unless you have permission from the user who created it originally. Any pages you've created yourself are free reign!
  • Try to keep your writing clear and concise, with proper punctuation.
  • Always preview your work before saving, to make sure there are no mistakes!
  • To create a link to another page, surround the page's title with double brackets like so: [[Page Title]] or [[Page Title|Displayed text]]
  • See here for formatting help, or use the menu above the text box.

Using templates

To use a template, navigate to the template page and copy the text in the gray box into your new page. Then fill it out! Use pre-existing pages if you're unsure how a template is used, but here are some guidelines.

The character template can be found here: Template:InfoboxNPC

Infobox values are written after the equals sign. To create a multi-line value, add a break tag, press enter, and write the next line, making sure the new text doesn't have any spaces in front of it. Example:

 | species = [[Construct]]<br/>
[[Human]] (in past life)
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